Employee gift ideas: Sustainable outdoor products that make an impression

Looking for the perfect employee gift that combines functionality, style and environmental awareness? We have the solution! Our selection of sustainable outdoor products , including roll-top backpacks made from recycled material, colorful rain ponchos , waterproof bike bags and versatile bum bags , not only offers practical gift ideas , but also makes a statement for sustainability and appreciation.

Rolltop backpack, pink handlebar bag, white oversized raincoat by Bomence

1. Rolltop backpack made from recycled material: environmentally friendly comfort

Our rolltop backpacks are not only stylish and functional, but also environmentally friendly. Made from recycled materials, they not only offer enough space for everyday needs, but also a sustainable alternative for environmentally conscious employees.

Why a rolltop backpack as an employee gift?

  • Sustainability: Show your environmental awareness by giving away a backpack made from recycled material .
  • Versatility: Ideal for everyday use, business trips or outdoor activities.
  • Give joy: Give joy to your employees by giving them an everyday product for their commute that will remind them of your company every day with good feelings.

Rolltop backpack for employees, employee gifts, backpacks for printing

2. Rain poncho: stylish protection in any weather

Give your employees style and protection from the rain with our custom printed rain ponchos. Practical and fashionable at the same time, they are the perfect employee gift that is also ideal for outdoor events.

Why a rain poncho as an employee gift idea?

  • Functionality: Protect your employees from unexpected rain showers.
  • Individual design: Print the ponchos with your reflective company logo for a personal touch.

Rain ponchos printed for employee gifts

3. Bicycle bag: For active employees on the go

For those who enjoy cycling, a bike bag is the ideal gift. Our bags not only offer ample storage space, but also functionality and style for daily commutes.

Why a bicycle bag as an employee gift idea?

  • Active lifestyle: Ideal for employees who cycle or enjoy being active outdoors.
  • Practical storage: Enough space for essentials and more while driving.
Colorful bicycle bags from Bomence

4. Outdoor bum bag: practical and trendy

The bum bag is making a comeback and is a practical accessory for outdoor activities. Give this fashionable companion as an employee gift and offer your employees the opportunity to carry their belongings comfortably and stylishly.

Why a fanny pack as an employee gift idea?

  • Trendy and practical: a fashionable accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Handy and lightweight: Ideal for small essentials during outdoor activities.
  • Multifunctional: This bag may be small, but it's impressive! With 5 functions, the Bomence Urban Artist is more unique than any other bum bag!

Illustration of the bicycle handlebar bag from Bomence for racing bikes, city bikes or bikepackers. Small bicycle handlebar bag, 5-in-1 convertible and available in 3 colors. Can also be used as a crossbody bag, bicycle frame bag or hip bag.

Conclusion: Employee gifts that will be remembered

Our selection of sustainable outdoor products not only offers practical solutions for everyday life, but also the opportunity to show appreciation to your employees . Invest in employee gifts for Christmas or other occasions that will be remembered and leave a positive impression .

Ready to inspire your employees? Discover our selection of sustainable outdoor product ideas now and give your employees a gift they will appreciate.

Examples of printed bags Backpacks Bum bags and rain ponchos
Examples of printing your logo on our products

Click here to see our products:

Rain ponchos for printing

Would you like to print a rain poncho with your company logo? We offer reflective printing. You can choose a model here.

Rain ponchos

Backpacks for printing

An ultra-light roll-top backpack made of recycled plastic is just the thing for your employees' commutes. It evokes positive feelings. Use the space on the roll-top backpack for your logo design.

Rolltop backpack

Bicycle bag with company logo

Use the ample space on our waterproof bike bags and reflective bike backpack for your company logo. Give the gift of lightness and joy on all journeys!

Bicycle bags
Lenkertasche Bauchtasche Crossbody Bag Handtasche, Rahmentasche Fahrrad alles in einem, für Damen und Herren sportlich, sport, outdoor, türkis, pink, schwarz

5-in-1 bum bag / handlebar bag

This unique 5-in-1 Urban Artist handlebar bag / bum bag from Bomence is as versatile as people and combines functionality and style in an unbeatable design. Give this bag with your logo as a gift.

5-in-1 bum bag
  • Schwarzer recycelter veganer Rucksack mit grüner Flasche und Recycling Grafik um die Tasche herum. Die Vorderseite des Rolltoprucksacks ist leicht seitlich zu sehen.

    Sustainable materials

    Protect the environment and choose our bags made from recycled materials. They are made from high-quality, sustainable materials while offering functionality and style.

  • Reliable companions

    Our bags have been extensively tested and recommended by the renowned bicycle magazine Radfahren. With our bags, your employees are prepared for every challenge!

  • Regenponcho Herren Blau fahrrad fahren xxl mit Bändern an beinen mit kapuze und extra Tasche

    Provide protection

    By giving your employees a rain poncho with your company logo printed on it, you wish them protection and joy on their journeys.

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