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Raincoat oversize women and men - long and elegant

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This cool, simple A-line raincoat with sleeves, hood and loose fit is not only suitable as an overcoat for walking but also perfect for cycling or moped riding.

The single-coloured, fashionable rainwear is waterproof, breathable and has a particularly elegant finish. It feels very good, the material is soft and solid, the structure is matt on the outside and smooth on the inside. Whether for men or women, this long rain jacket gives your look an elegant touch.

Order the pastel-chic rain cape with hood and stay in a good mood when cycling when a rain shower comes. This makes cycling fun even in the rain.

Special product features

- 100% waterproof quality material (3 layers)

- Environmentally friendly waterproof TPU membrane
- Large hood with cotton drawstring for adjustment for dry hair
- Free removable hood with Velcro and rain/face protection screen
- Robust front zipper for easy dressing and Velcro closure for size adjustment
- Ideal for cycling / moped / scooter riding in the rain
- Lots of space under the rain cape for dry bags, expandable back for carrying backpacks
- long sleeves with velcro narrowing
- UV protection clothing with 50+ protection
- Reflective strip on the back

- ISO 4920:2012 certified
- Windproof

For dimensions of the raincoat please see photo.
The models wear size M and are approximately 165-170cm tall.

Delivery time 2 weeks.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Details about the raincoat in bright colors

Optimaler Schutz bei Regen. Frau mit gelber & heller Regenjacke.

100% Waterproof

Stay dry even in heavy rain and enjoy your bike ride without worry with the 3-layer raincoat made of high-quality material. The optimal water protection and simultaneous breathability guarantee comfort in any weather and even in strong winds.

Weißer Regenmantel oversize lang mit kapuze und Reiverschluss Frau trägt den Mantel zieht die Kapuze auf und schaut nach rechts. Es regnet.

Great fit

The oversized rain jacket adapts elegantly to your size thanks to its A-shape. The sleeves can be adjusted using a Velcro system. The double zipper allows you maximum flexibility. The hood can be extended at the back and comes with a privacy screen and hood visor.

Rückseite gelber Regenmantel oversize mit Kapuze für Outdoor.

Maximum freedom of movement

Enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement, even when wearing a thick jacket or backpack. The expandable back provides plenty of space. Simply open the loop with button on the back to expand the size of the rain jacket.

  • Weißer Regenmantel oversize lang mit kapuze und Reiverschluss Frau trägt den Mantel zieht die Kapuze auf und schaut nach rechts. Es regnet.
  • Frau und Mann stehen nebeneinander Beide Personen tragen den Oversized Regenmantel. Die Frau links hat die Kapuze auf und trägt die rosa Variante mit offenem Reißverschluss. Der Mann rechts neben ihr trägt die lange mintgrüne Regenjacke und schaut links seitlich. Hintergrund Outdoor Berge und Zaun.
  • Ein Mann trägt den schwarzen oversized Regenmantel und geht. Er schaut nach hinten. Im Hintergrund braune Felsen.

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