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Wear a rain poncho stylishly

Attention trendsetters! In this blog post, we'll show you how to stylishly combine your rain cape and make it a fashion statement. Discover 5 outfit ideas for women with a rain poncho.

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5 day e-bike tour from Cologne

Discover the beauty of Germany on two wheels! In this blog post I tell you about my unforgettable cycling trip with my mother along the Rhine - including e-bike experiences, overnight tips and a pinch of adventure.

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Rain poncho women buying guide

In this rain poncho buying guide 2024 you will learn everything you need to know about rain ponchos for women. Differences are presented here and help is given to help you make your decision.

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What bicycle bags are there?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the variety of offers? All types of bicycle bags are presented here. For what purpose do you need which bicycle bag? You can find the answer in the blog post.

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Frau macht eine Bikepacking Tour durch Deutschland, Holland und Belgien ab Köln mit Mountainbike und Bomence Fahrradtaschen. Sie reist alleine mit dem Fahrrad.

Bikepacking for women

As a woman, traveling alone by bike bears some challenges and requires good preparation. In this blog post you will find out what you need to consider for a solo bikepacking tour as a woman.

The founder of Bomence bicycle bags tested the bags successfully for 3 weeks in Europe.

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Bomence bike bags review

Our pink Pioneer bike bag received excellent ratings in the well-known cycling magazine. In this blog post, I'll show you how a bikepacking bag makes your trip a real pleasure and how you can find the best bike bag for you. Let's go!

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Employee gifts for companies

Are you looking for employee gifts for Christmas or other occasions? Read here what advantages our products offer your employees and find ways to place your company logo.

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Packing list for a 5-day bike tour

Here you will find two packing lists for a 5-day bike tour with a tent or with hotel accommodation. Read the blog post and download one of the two PDFs before you start packing for your next adventure.

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Rain poncho folding instructions

In this blog post you will learn step by step how to fold the Bomence rain poncho and put it in the small bag provided. PDF for download included.

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Bicycle backpack for women - stylish, functional & clean!

The Urban Create bike backpack from Bomence is the perfect choice for active and fashionable women looking for a stylish and functional backpack. Here's why.

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Which pannier bag is the best?

The range of pannier bags for cyclists is very large. How do you know which bicycle bag is the best for you?

In this blog post you will get an overview of what is important when purchasing a pannier bag.

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Sustainable Bike Bags

As an entrepreneur, I value the idea of an eco-sustainable approach to the modern economy. Our Bomence products are either recyclable, made of recycled plastics and/or contain materials that are made to do no harm. In addition to being eco-friendly, they also have a modern aesthetic design.

Read more about selected sustainable materials of the Bomence bags here.

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Simply good: bicycle bag and backpack 2in1

To ensure that you always have everything you need with you on your journeys to work or university, you need at least one high-quality piece of luggage. In my experience, this 2-in-1 bike bag and backpack is particularly suitable for everyday use.

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5 reasons for cycling

For those who do not yet use the bicycle as a daily means of transport, we show you 5 reasons in our short blog post that will motivate you to cycle more.

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Cycling tour with a tent: Adventure calls!

Unleash your spirit of adventure and experience freedom on two wheels with an unforgettable bike tour with a tent - equipped with our waterproof bike bags.

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The versatile & sporty bum bag for women

Are you looking for a stylish and functional bum bag to accompany you during your sporting activities and leisure time? Then the 5in1 Urban Artist is just the thing for you!

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