Collection: Waterproof Pannier Bags

These waterproof bicycle bags in blue, pink and green have a healthy food-safe TPU coating on the inside and it is 100% rainproof!

Bicycle bag waterproof

Waterproof bicycle bags from Bomence – your perfect companion in any weather

Protection, comfort and style for every cyclist

Welcome to the world of waterproof bike bags from Bomence. Our high-quality bags not only offer optimal protection against moisture, but also exceptional comfort and stylish design. Whether you commute to work every day or go on long bike rides, our waterproof bike bags are the perfect solution for your needs. Discover our wide range of bags that have been specially developed for different types of bikes and areas of use.

Why a waterproof bike bag from Bomence?

Robust materials and highest quality: Our bags are made of durable materials such as PVC, nylon and polyester, which are specially coated to ensure maximum waterproofness. Welded seams and waterproof zippers ensure that your luggage is always well protected.

Versatile applications: Our bike bags are ideal for everyday use, weekend trips or longer bikepacking tours. With different models and designs, we offer the right solution for every purpose.

Stylish design: In addition to functionality, we attach great importance to an attractive design. Our bags are available in different colors and styles, so you can always find the right one to match your bike.

Our waterproof bike bags in detail:

Backpack bicycle bag 2-in-1 reflective:

TheBackpack bicycle bag 2-in-1 reflectivecombines urban lifestyle with functionality. With a smart bike mount on the front, you can carry the backpack comfortably on your back. Turn the backpack over and hang it on your luggage rack. Thanks to the waterproof material, your luggage remains well protected and the reflective design ensures visibility at night.


  • Dimensions: 42-63 x 32 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • volume: 22 liters, suitable for laptops up to 18 inches

Waterproof bicycle bag 25L "Individualist"

ThisPannier bagoffers you absolute waterproofness and a sustainable TPU coating. It is ideal for everyday use as well as for longer tours. With a 25-litre storage space, you can use it for everything from shopping to bike tours. The practical shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag comfortably when you park your bike.


Everyday Commuter Set: Bicycle backpack and handlebar bag

The perfectSet for commutersThe bike backpack can be converted into a reflective pannier bag in just a few easy steps. The compact handlebar bag offers space for a cell phone, wallet, tools, accessories and keys and is quickly at hand. Alternatively, the compact bag can also be used as a frame bag.


  • Handlebar bag: 3 litre volume
  • material: 100% recycled PET

Bicycle pannier bags set - 2 pieces

ThisSide pockets setoffers you two waterproof pannier bags, each with 25 liters of storage space. Ideal for long bike tours, shopping and everyday urban life. The bags are made of robust material and have a quick-lock fastening system. The compartments offer enough space for the bag contents needed on a long bike tour, including spare tube, tools and other important items. Thanks to the water-repellent material, the contents remain protected from moisture even in heavy rain.


Refurbished pannier bags from Bomence

Ourrefurbished bagsare returned products with slight signs of wear that we carefully check, refurbish and offer again. They are environmentally friendly and offer the same functionality as new bags.


  • Condition: Slight signs of wear, but fully functional
  • guarantee: 30 days return policy

Our waterproof bike bags offer the perfect combination of protection, comfort and style. Whether for everyday use or for long tours, at Bomence you will find the ideal bag for your needs. Order today and benefit from our fast delivery and top quality.

Our guide to buying waterproof bike bags

Find the right bag for your needs:When purchasing a waterproof pannier bag, you should consider several factors to ensure the bag meets your needs:

Waterproofness: Look for welded seams and waterproof zippers to ensure your luggage stays well protected.

volume: Consider how much storage space you need and choose accordingly. Our bags offer enough space for your utensils, ranging from 22 to 25 liters.

Fastening system: Make sure that the bag can be attached to the bike safely and securely. Our bags have innovative fastening systems such as Quick-Lock.

material: Choose a material that suits your needs. For everyday use, lighter materials such as nylon and polyester are often sufficient. For longer tours and tougher conditions, more robust materials such as PVC are more suitable.

Additional functions: Some bags offer additional storage compartments, roll-top closures or shoulder straps for easy transport.

Mounting the bike bagThe correct attachment of the bag to the bike is crucial:

Pannier bags: Make sure the bags are evenly distributed on both sides of the rack to ensure even weight distribution.

Frame bags: Fasten the bag firmly to the frame to prevent it from slipping.

Handlebar bags: Make sure the bag is securely attached to the handlebars and does not interfere with your steering.

Saddlebags: These should sit tightly under the saddle, especially on a racing bike, to ensure a secure hold.

Caring for your waterproof bike bagRegular care extends the life of your bag:

cleaning: Wipe the bag regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.

Drying: Allow the bag to dry completely after each use before storing.

storage: Store the bag in a cool, dry place to avoid mold growth.

Why should you buy your bike bags online?

Buying your bike bag online offers many advantages:

Large selection: Online shops offer a larger selection of models and brands.

Convenience: You can compare different bags and read reviews without leaving your home.

Shipping faster: Many online shops offer fast and often free shipping, so you can get your new bag quickly and easily.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bomence waterproof bike bags

1. How waterproof are Bomence bike bags?

Our bike bags are 100% waterproof thanks to their materials and coating and reliably protect your equipment from rain and splashes. They are made of robust materials and have welded seams.

2. What materials are used for the waterproof bicycle bags?

We use materials such as PVC, nylon and polyester, all of which are specially coated to ensure maximum waterproofness.

3. How do I securely mount the bike bag on my bike?

Our bike bags are equipped with secure fastening systems such as Quick-Lock and sturdy straps that allow for easy and safe installation. Make sure the bags are evenly distributed and firmly attached to the bike.

4. Can I also use the bike bags as a backpack?

Yes, our 2-in-1 backpack bike bag can be quickly and easily converted from a backpack to a bike bag. This offers you flexibility and convenience for different usage scenarios.

5. Are the bags suitable for all types of bikes?

Yes, our waterproof bike bags are versatile and fit most types of bikes, including city bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. They are robust and easy to assemble.

6. How do I clean my waterproof bike bag?

Simply wipe the bag with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before storing it. Avoid using harsh cleaning products that could damage the material.

7. What size is best for everyday use?

For everyday use, we recommend medium-sized models such as the 25L "Individualist" or our 2-in-1 backpack bike bag. They offer plenty of storage space for your daily essentials and are easy to handle.

8. Are the bags suitable for longer tours?

Absolutely. Our waterproof bike bags are all-rounders and ideal for longer tours or sporty bikepacking Adventure. They offer plenty of storage space and protection for your equipment on a cycling trip, no matter how far you ride.

9. Does Bomence offer a guarantee on the waterproof bike bags?

Yes, we offer a guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Details can be found on our website. Our bags are sturdy and durable, but if you have a problem, we are here for you.

10. Can I return the bike bag if I don’t like it?

Yes, we offer a 30-day return policy so you can easily return your bag if it doesn't meet your expectations. Customer satisfaction is important to us.