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With a Pannier Backpack you are commuting more sustainably

Climate protection concerns us all, because climate change should impact the lives of future generations as little as possible. Germany has therefore set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045. This means that no more emissions should be generated than can be absorbed by CO² sinks.

In this country, the transport sector is one of the biggest climate killers: Around 20 percent of carbon dioxide is emitted by motorized vehicles that use fossil energy sources. As a passionate cyclist, you are already making an important contribution to the traffic revolution, because each road you cycle saves greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate. In this post I will show you how important the bicycle is for the traffic turnaround and how you can also make your equipment sustainable.

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Pannier Backpack: Your Sustainable Companion

If you use the bike instead of the car, no CO² is emitted - logical. But how big is the effect really? I thought about it and researched it, which led me to a study by the University of Oxford and the TU Dresden. The work found that every person could reduce their carbon footprint by half a ton per year if they cycled just once a day instead of driving. If you extrapolate that over 30 years, you can save 15 tons of CO² - a lot!

To have everything important with you on your trips to work, university or other places, you need at least one piece of high-quality luggage. In my experience, a backpack pannier is particularly good for everyday use. It's ideal if you don't want to choose between a pannier bag and a backpack, as you can attach the convertible commuter pannier to a backpack for the bike rack. After the ride, you simply take the convertible pannier off the rear rack and carry it on your back like a conventional backpack. When choosing a model, however, you should consider a few things. I've noticed that many backpack panniers have hooks on the side of the shoulders - of course that's not comfortable to wear. In this short video, I show you which waterproof pannier backpack I use and can fully recommend.

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Backpack Pannier: The Importance of Good Material

Various criteria were important to me when choosing my waterproof pannier backpack for my bike. Since sustainability is important to me, the convertible pannier backpack naturally had to be environmentally friendly. This concerns the production of the bicycle bags and panniers as well as the materials of the bike bags and last but not least the dealing with defects, because you can have your backpack pannier repaired by Bomence. If you don't need a brand new product, you can take action against material waste with a refurbished bike bag.

Another criterion that I considered when choosing a pannier backpack as a 2 in 1 solution is waterproofing. After all, there is not much that could spoil our mood as cyclists, but wet luggage is definitely one of them. You are on the safe side with your convertible commuter pannier from Bomence, because the material is absolutely rainproof and the three zips ensure that no moisture can penetrate. So your laptop and your other belongings are well protected.
Recommendation: In my unpacking video, I show you the backpack bike pannier from all sides and explain all the functions.

Backpack Bicycle Pannier: You don't have to decide

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As you have seen, a convertible backpack pannier is super practical and suitable for everyday use. With this bag you will experience your rides on the bike in a completely new way and you will definitely ride more often than you already do. The environment will thank you!
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