Erleuchte die Nacht mit reflektierenden Fahrradtaschen: Sei sicher und stilvoll unterwegs!

Light up the night with reflective bike bags: be safe and stylish on the road!

Bike bags are an essential accessory for every cyclist, whether commuter, adventurer or occasional rider. They offer practical storage space for important things such as provisions, tools and personal items. But did you know that reflective bike bags can significantly improve your safety on the road?

Reflective elements on your bike bag ensure that you are much more easily seen by drivers and other road users, especially at dusk, in fog or in the dark. This can prevent accidents and significantly increase your safety on the bike.

reflective bike bag road dark

Fully reflective bike bags , such as the Urban Create backpack bike bag 2-in-1 from Bomence , offer optimal protection in every situation. The entire front of the pannier bag as well as the side logos are made of reflective material so that you are clearly visible from all directions.

Reflective bicycle bag and backpack convertible for luggage rack

Advantages of the reflective bicycle bag from Bomence "Urban Create":

  • Increased visibility at dusk, fog and darkness
  • Improved protection against accidents
  • Stylish design
  • Practical storage space

The Bomence Urban Create - The perfect reflective bike bag for you:

  • Fully reflective material for optimal visibility
  • Robust construction for long service life
  • Waterproof materials to protect your laptop
  • Stowable shoulder strap system for easy conversion
  • Versatile design for different bikes and activities (trip or work)

Reflective bike bag backpack combo

Invest in your safety and buy a reflective bike bag with backpack function from Bomence today!

With reflective bicycle bags from Bomence you are always safe and stylish on the road!

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