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Rain poncho for women: The ultimate buying guide for 2024

The rain poncho – a must-have for every lady

Rainy days are not uncommon in Germany. That makes it all the more important that you are well prepared for the worst case scenario. A rain poncho is an ideal piece of clothing to keep you dry and stylish when it rains.

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In this buying guide you will learn everything you need to know about rain ponchos for women:

  • What types of rain ponchos are there?
  • What should be considered regarding the material?
  • What size do I need?
  • What should I pay attention to when buying?
  • Which rain ponchos for women are trendy?
  • Where can I buy a women's rain poncho?

What types of rain ponchos are there?

There are different types of rain ponchos that differ in their materials, design and functions.

  • Rain ponchos with or without a front zipper: There are rain ponchos with a front zipper that make it easier to put on and take off. The zippers on a rain poncho can be very helpful, especially for people who are less flexible. In addition, a rain poncho with a zipper can be taken off more carefully, so that the rain does not spread all over the house.
Rain poncho women men comparison with or without zipper
  • Rain ponchos made of polyester, EVA material or mixed fabric: Depending on which material you prefer, you can choose between polyester, EVA material and other mixed fabrics, e.g. PU with an inner coating. We offer polyester and EVA material . The advantage of polyester is that it is very flexible and thin. The EVA material is a little firmer, has a milky appearance and is similar to rubber. The EVA material cannot be easily rolled up (or folded), which is something you can do with polyester.

Comparison of rain poncho material polyester and Eva rubber

  • Rain ponchos with or without sleeves: Here you can ask yourself whether you would prefer something to pull over your body or something to wear. Both types have certain advantages such as more freedom of movement (without sleeves) or flexibility for access under the rain poncho (such as to a wallet, keys in a jacket pocket or a backpack on your back under the rain poncho).

Comparison of rain poncho with or without sleeves

  • Differences between a rain poncho and a raincoat: A rain poncho is designed to be worn over your body and is intended for emergency situations. A raincoat is helpful if you know in advance that it will rain during the day and you want to be protected from the rain the whole time. You should be able to carry the rain poncho in a separate bag, while the raincoat is basically a jacket.

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  • Hood: Do you need a large or a small hood? Depending on whether you have a lot of curly hair or wear a helmet under the poncho, you need a large or a smaller hood. Our colorful rain ponchos for women have a large hood and you shouldn't have any problems with that. The XXL rain capes have a slightly smaller hood. A bicycle helmet should be worn over the hood. Does a hood have an elastic band to keep everything together when it rains? Hoods without an elastic band fly backwards. You don't always want to hold on to your hood, do you?

Rain poncho ladies cargo bike with hood over bike helmet

What is important to consider when it comes to materials?

Rain ponchos for men and women are made from different materials that have different properties.

  • Polyester: Polyester is another lightweight, breathable and durable material that is flexible and quick-drying.
  • EVA: Eva material is an elastic, colorless/milky, lightweight, heat and aging resistant polymer. It is waterproof and also environmentally friendly, but it is not breathable and may cause sweating in high temperatures.
  • PU: PU is often used in clothing as a leather substitute. Thin PU coatings make the original material waterproof. It is flexible, elastic and can retain heat.
  • Mixed fabrics: There are usually different layers between the PU and polyester fabrics or other types of fabric. Here, attention should be paid to how the fabric is made waterproof.
  • Water column: The water column indicates how waterproof a rain poncho is. This is measured using pressure. Water is pressed onto the material in a tube and the more water in meters the material can withstand, the more waterproof it is. While rainwear already has a value of 800 millimeters (umbrellas usually have 400 mm) Although we can speak of waterproofness according to the European standard EN 343:2003 , the perception of each individual is different. Our rain ponchos have a water resistance of 8000 millimeters water column.

Water column representation pipe

What size do I need?

The size of a rain poncho is often one size fits all . It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether the length down or the width (to the hands) is long or short enough. To avoid making a bad purchase and returns, you should measure your width (arm to arm) and length (shoulder to knee) and compare them with the information in the online shop. Depending on the purpose of the rain poncho, you can buy a long (e.g. down to the knees) or short rain poncho (down to the hips) .

If you use rain pants, a short rain poncho is sufficient. If you want to cover your legs when cycling without rain pants, we recommend the XXL bicycle rain cape with straps.

Our colorful rain ponchos are often bought by women up to 170cm tall . The XXL rain capes are ideal for tall men and women . Here we have designed an extension for the arms and a long rain poncho so that you don't need to wear rain pants when cycling.

Size information Dimensions Size Rain Poncho Women Rain Cape Bicycle

What should I pay attention to when buying?

In addition to the type, material and size, you should also pay attention to the following points when buying a rain poncho:

  • The workmanship: Are the seams sealed waterproof? Our rain ponchos and raincoats are all sealed waterproof.
  • The color: Rain ponchos come in many different colors. Choose a color that you like and that suits your style. You may want to choose a bright color so that you are more visible in traffic in the dark. Or you can buy waterproof self-adhesive reflector stickers to go with your rain poncho.

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  • The weight: A rain poncho should be easy to carry and easy to store so that you can take it with you in a backpack or in your bike bag . It should be able to be packed small without taking up too much space. Our colorful and XXL rain ponchos are designed to be stored small and handy in an extra bag. They only weigh between 280g and 310g.
  • The price: Rain ponchos are available in different price ranges. Set yourself a budget before you start looking. Our rain ponchos in many shapes and colors are in a reasonable price range so that everyone can happily afford a stylish rain poncho. The oversized raincoat in our online shop is in a higher price range because this coat is of high quality and the material is a mixed fabric made up of several layers. Extras such as a rain cover for the face (practical for people who wear glasses) when cycling are also included.

Which rain poncho suits me? Rain poncho women

Which rain ponchos for women are trendy?

Rain ponchos with zippers are trendy this year. These rain ponchos can also be used as a jacket. Multifunctionality is a trademark of Bomence. Our rain ponchos can also be used as a picnic blanket in summer . So they are a really useful companion whether in good or rainy weather. They are also easy to clean and can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Where can I buy a women's rain poncho?

You can easily order rain ponchos for men and women online here in the Bomence online shop. The rain ponchos are stored in Cologne or Bremen (and for shipments outside Germany) in our international warehouse.

Check out our rain ponchos for women and colorful men here and order one of our great rain ponchos, no matter what the weather or what you're planning. All of our rain ponchos are suitable for cycling and hiking.

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A rain poncho is a practical and stylish piece of clothing that will keep you dry when it rains. Use this buying guide to find the perfect rain poncho for your needs. We recommend a chic bright pink rain poncho to celebrate your journeys!

Further tips:

  • Read reviews from other customers before buying a women's rain poncho.
  • Here you can find folding instructions with a PDF download for your rain poncho.
  • Give a rain poncho to a friend and wish her protection and joy on all her future paths!

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