Welche Fahrradtaschen gibt es und wofür werden sie benutzt? - Der ultimative Guide

What bicycle bags are there and what are they used for? - The ultimate guide

Are you looking for a bike bag that suits your bike, your style and your purpose? Are you overwhelmed by the variety of bike bags available on the market? Are you wondering which bike bag is best for you?

Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about bicycle bags. We'll introduce you to the different types of bicycle bags , explain their advantages and disadvantages, and give you tips on what to look out for when buying a bicycle bag . We'll also show you some examples from our range that we've developed for you with great attention to detail and sustainability.

I present the following bicycle bags according to their popularity:

  1. Bicycle pannier bags: The classics
  2. Bicycle backpack: 2-in-1 combo bike bag
  3. Handlebar bags: For the essentials
  4. Front wheel bags: Even more luggage
  5. Frame bags: elegant and modern
  6. Saddlebags: The tool bag
  7. Fork bags: For advanced riders
  8. Trunkbag for bicycle rack: Small companion

Bicycle pannier bags: The classics

Which bicycle bags are there? Blog post, explanation of different bags for the bicycle

The most well-known and popular type of bicycle bag is the pannier bag, which is attached to the side of the rear rack of the bike. They offer plenty of storage space for luggage and are usually easy to attach and remove. They are ideal for anyone who cycles a lot and values ​​comfort and safety.

But not all pannier bags are the same: There is a big difference between waterproof and regular pannier bags.

Waterproof pannier bags are ideal for anyone who wants to cycle in the rain or is planning a longer cycling trip . They protect the contents from moisture and dirt and are usually made of robust and durable material. They often have a roll-top closure system or a lid with Velcro that prevents water from getting in. Waterproof pannier bags are usually a bit more expensive than normal pannier bags, but the investment is worth it.

Ordinary pannier bags are more designed for short-term transport of things where the contents do not necessarily have to stay dry, such as shopping. They are usually made of fabric or plastic and often have a zipper or snap fastener. They are usually cheaper than waterproof pannier bags, but are also more prone to holes and stretching. They are more suitable for short distances or dry days.

In any case, we recommend choosing a waterproof pannier bag , such as our waterproof Bomence pannier bags , which also have a food-safe inner coating, are odorless and have been manufactured in an environmentally friendly way .

Waterproof bicycle bag blue for bicycle luggage rack

This gives you maximum flexibility and, thanks to its durability and waterproofness, you can use the bike bag for everyday use as well as for bike tours.

Bicycle backpack: The 2-in-1 combo bike bag

Bicycle bag and backpack in one 2 in 1

You consciously choose an environmentally friendly and healthy means of transport, your bike. You also love to ride it to appointments or to work. At the weekend you ride through forests, over mountains, along rivers. You really enjoy discovering new places and meeting people. To be able to do all of this, you need flexibility when it comes to transporting your things. Clothes, cables, laptop, provisions, tools, camera. Where do you put them?

You could use a bike basket or pack everything in your backpack and load it on your back, but the basket is bulky and the backpack is heavy.

We have developed the solution for your flexibility, the Bomence Urban Create bicycle backpack. A bicycle backpack is a backpack that is specifically designed for cycling. It has many advantages over other luggage options:

  • It takes the strain off your back. You don't carry it on your back, but attach it to the luggage rack of your rear wheel. This way you distribute the weight better and protect your spine .
  • It makes you more flexible . You can remove and reattach it at any time. You can easily convert the bag into a backpack and hop on the train when you commute and leave your bike behind.
  • It is more practical and can be converted in seconds . Compared to other ordinary bicycle backpacks, the Bomence Urban Create is designed so practically that you can control everything with one hand.
  • The converted backpack ensures that your back stays clean . Many other bike backpacks have a system that smears the road dirt on the back. But not our Bomence Urban Create! Here the hanging system is on the other side, so that no dirt from the bike spokes and the wheel gets onto the carrying side.

So if you are looking for a practical solution for commuting , then you should check out the Bomence bike backpack. This backpack is not only functional and comfortable, but also stylish and original. It has a modern design with a reflective outer pocket and suits every type.

The Bomence Artist Bike Backpack is the ideal gift for yourself or for a bike lover in your life. Not only is it useful, but it's also beautiful to look at.

So if you want to take your cycling experience to a new comfortable level, you should check out the Bomence Urban Create bike backpack. It will delight and inspire you. Order it online now and benefit from our free shipping and our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Representation in four images of the 2-in-1 bicycle bag backpack with stowable shoulder straps, reflective front of the pannier bag and hidden bicycle hook for hanging on the pannier rack. Lettering Super quick conversion of the black-gray combo bike bag.

With our Bomence bike backpack you are well equipped for every ride, whether to work, university or sports. And when you are not on the bike, you can simply use it as a normal backpack.

Handlebar bags: For the essentials

Bicycle handlebar bag illustration which bicycle bags are there? Explanation

Imagine you are out on your bike in the city or in the countryside. You are enjoying the fresh air, the exercise and the freedom. But you also have a few important things with you that you don't want to lose sight of: your wallet, your cell phone, your keys or a snack for in between. Where do you keep them?

You could put them in your pocket or in a backpack, but that's inconvenient and unsafe. You have to keep stopping to check that everything is still there or to get something out. And what if someone tries to steal something from you?

The solution is a handlebar bag. A handlebar bag is a small bag that you attach directly to the front handlebars of your bike. This way, you can always see your things and access them with just one hand. You don't have to worry about someone snatching them away from you or them falling out of your bag.

But not all handlebar bags are the same. There are many different models that vary in size, shape, material and function. Depending on what you plan to do with your bike, you will need a different type of handlebar bag.

If you go on long tours, you need a large and waterproof handlebar bag that offers plenty of space and protects your things from the rain.

If you are riding short distances or in the city, a small and light handlebar bag that only holds the essentials is sufficient. You don't want too much weight on the handlebars that affects your riding.

And when you park your bike or take it with you, you want to be able to remove your handlebar bag quickly and easily. Maybe you even want to be able to wear it as a handbag or crossbody bag so you always have it with you.

There is the perfect handlebar bag for all these needs: the Bomence Urban Artist handlebar bag in pink, black and turquoise. This bag is not only practical and safe, but also stylish and versatile. It has a volume of 3 liters and fits every type of bike: whether racing bike or city bike.

The special thing about the Bomence Artist handlebar bag is that it has 5 different carrying options . You can use it as a handbag, crossbody bag, bum bag or frame or handlebar bag . This way you are always flexible and ready for any situation.

It will be a delight as a gift for yourself or a cycling friend and is also beautiful to look at. It has a modern design with bright colors and a reflective logo. It is made from high-quality recycled fibers and has a zipper that can only be opened with one hand.

So if you are looking for a new handlebar bag, you should take a look at the Bomence Artist handlebar bag. It will accompany you and your bike for a long time and with a lot of joy .

Illustration of the bicycle handlebar bag from Bomence for racing bikes, city bikes or bikepackers. Small bicycle handlebar bag, 5-in-1 convertible and available in 3 colors. Can also be used as a crossbody bag, bicycle frame bag or hip bag.

Other types of bicycle bags that we do not yet offer are front wheel bags, frame bags, saddle bags, fork bags and trunk bags. Here I will summarize the individual functions of these bicycle bags.

Front wheel bags: Even more luggage

Front wheel bag illustration Decision aid which bike bag to buy

A front wheel bag is a bag that is attached to the front wheel of the bike. This requires additional front rack luggage carriers, which usually still have to be mounted. Front wheel bags are usually attached in pairs on both sides for even weight distribution. They are also known as lowrider bags and serve as additional storage space for long bikepacking tours and shift the weight low to the front, so that the handling is balanced when the rear is heavily loaded.

Frame bags: elegant and modern

Frame bag bicycle blog which bicycle bag to buy

Frame bags are bags that are attached to the frame of the bike between the legs. They use the space between the tubes and offer additional storage space for things you need on a bike ride. For example, you can store a rain cape , a bicycle tube, a repair kit, tools or spare parts in a frame bag that you need in an emergency. They are popular among urban cyclists as a stylish accessory.

Saddlebags: The tool bag

Saddle bag bicycle Which bicycle bag is the best?

Saddlebags are bags that are attached under the saddle of the bike. They are usually used to carry repair kits and small tools. Bikepackers use larger saddlebags to carry clothing. However, care must be taken to ensure that the saddlebag is not too heavy or swings back and forth and disrupts the ride. Some bikepackers prefer this type of transport over panniers because it does not put as much weight on the rear wheel and allows cyclists to go faster.

Fork pockets: For advanced

Fork bag bicycle illustration decision aid purchase aid bicycle bags

Fork bags are bags that are attached to the front of the bicycle fork. They offer additional storage space for items and can also be used as a replacement for a front wheel bag. Fork bags usually require screws and a so-called basket/cage (like an adapter) to securely hold the bag. There are also strap systems for attaching the bag to the bicycle fork.

The fork bags should not be loaded too heavily (max. 3kg per side). Therefore, light equipment such as clothing, tarp, drinking bottles, sleeping bag or gas cooker is recommended. They are generally used by sporty bikepackers. Advanced bikepackers reduce and optimize their luggage, so that they then use a fork bag like this instead of front wheel bags.

Trunkbag f for bicycle rack: Small companion

Bicycle bag trunk bag which bicycle bag is there

This is a small luggage carrier bag in the shape of a suitcase for the top. These bags can be used in combination with bicycle luggage carrier bags and can also be mounted on top. They are often used as a small bag for shorter tours without side pockets. The advantage of a trunk bag is that it holds everything together more robustly than a bicycle basket and is small enough to do without a luggage carrier bag . At the same time, they are more comfortable for some cyclists than handlebar bags because they do not affect the steering. These small suitcase bags for the bike are often used for half-day tours by cyclists over 50.


Bicycle bags are useful accessories for all cyclists who want to transport their luggage safely and comfortably. There are different types of bicycle bags for different purposes and requirements . Depending on how much you want to take with you and how long you are on the road, you should choose the right bag. You should pay attention to the criteria of waterproofness, easy assembly and practicality for bicycle trips. We recommend our stylish and large waterproof Bomence pannier bags and small Bomence Artist handlebar bags.

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