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Colorful rain ponchos for cycling women

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These rain ponchos are elegant in cut and colors. They are suitable for ladies as well as men who are not afraid to show color!

  • 100% waterproof quality material (nylon).
  • Water column W/P15000mm
  • Breathable material
  • Large hood with elastic for dry hair
  • Free storage bag with carabiner hooks
  • Plenty of space under the poncho for the backpack
Dimensions rain cape colorful: front length: 93cm, back length: 103cm, width: 146cm

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These rain ponchos are elegant on average and in the colors. They are suitable for women as well as men who do not shy away from showing color! The rainwear is mainly 100% waterproof and keeps the cyclist in a mood when a rain shower comes. That's how cycling is fun in the rain.

Special product features

  • 100% waterproof quality material (nylon)
  • Big hood with elastic band for adapting for dry hair
  • Free storage bag with carabiner hook
  • Robust zipper front for easy dressing
  • Ideal for cycling in the rain
  • A lot of space under the poncho for dry pockets

With a small bag for storage, the rain poncho can always be safely stowed in the backpack.

Dimensions: Front length: 93cm, rear length: 103cm, width: 146cm

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Happy rain poncho for your bike

Bring colour to grey rainy days with our Happy rain poncho - your cheerful companion on the bike for dry and happy moments in the rain.

  • 100% waterproof quality
  • Water gauge W/P8000mm
  • Zipper makes simplifies undressing
  • Large hood with elastic band
  • Free storage bag
  • 93 cm long & 146 cm wide
  • Bag: 23x15x4cm, 280g
  • Models: 165-170cm tall

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Regenponcho Fahrrad Damen, grün und wasserdicht mit Reißverschluss

100% Waterproof

Come home dry even in heavy rain. The rain poncho made of high-quality polyester is particularly waterproof and breathable at the same time. The seams are neatly sealed. With a water column of 8000mm, the rain poncho offers maximum protection in wet and rainy conditions.
Regenponchos für Damen verschiedene Farben, bunt und mit Reißverschluss fürs Fahrrad oder Wandern

Comfortable with plenty of freedom of movement

Even with thick jackets or a backpack on your back, there is still enough room for unrestricted freedom of movement. The hood of the bicycle rain poncho is nice and big and can be adjusted in size to ensure a perfect fit and protection.

Optimized for cycling

Practical loops on the arm provide additional protection in heavy rain and wind. These keep the wrists and sleeves dry. There are also small buttons on the outer edge to perfectly close the rain cape for cycling for men and women.

Practical zipper for the rain poncho!

Our bicycle rain poncho for men and women with a practical zipper makes it easy to put on and take off, especially when the poncho is already wet.

In addition, the spacious cut offers enough space for your backpack and allows you to easily access keys, cell phone and other important things - all without having to take off the poncho.

Compared to conventional rain ponchos with sleeves, our model offers significantly more comfort and flexibility in everyday life.

Frau vor einem Lastenrad Arme ausgebreitet mit einem Knielangen Regenponcho für Damen in Grün, vorne mit Reißverschluss, lächelnd.

Bicycle poncho with clever details

With its long length that protects your thighs from rain from above while you pedal, this poncho is ideal for commuters and recreational cyclists.

Finger loops prevent the sleeves from riding up, while side snap fasteners ensure a perfect fit.

But the poncho can do more: On windy or cold days, it can be worn as a jacket, offering additional protection. So you are prepared for all weather conditions on the road!

Fahrradponcho mit cleveren Details, Regencape für Damen mit dem Fahrrad seitlich

Dry hair thanks to large hood with drawstring

The large hood of the rain poncho for women offers enough space for your bicycle helmet, so that your hair stays dry even in wet weather.

Thanks to the drawstring, the hood can be individually adjusted to your head and thus offers optimal protection from wind and rain.

Don't wait any longer and order your Bomence rain poncho now!

So you can soon set off protected and happy.

With extra pocket for storage

Discover the joy of the Happy rain poncho for cycling! Tiny and compact, it can be stowed in the bag provided and easily attached to your backpack using the snap hook.

Its light weight (280g) and compactness make it the ideal companion that takes up hardly any space and can be taken anywhere. Be ready for any weather without curbing your spirit of adventure!

Ultraleicht in kleiner Tasche, unsere Regenponchos für Damen wiegen nur 280g und sind einfach im Rucksack verstaut.

Support a trailblazing startup with passion

The entrepreneur and mother of three in Cologne created Bomence with a great passion for discovering aha moments and thus new paths to happiness. She places great value on exercise and radiates with joie de vivre.

Cycling is her first choice for getting around the city. With strong colors, she makes a statement for greater visibility of cyclists in traffic.

She and her team bring joy to customers for all future journeys with the Bomence bike bags and bike rain ponchos.

How to fold a rain poncho?

You can find folding instructions for the rain poncho here.

  1. Lay the bicycle rain poncho flat in front of you and fold it down along the first button. The hood is now facing downwards.
  2. Now fold the left half to the right.
  3. Fold the poncho to the right again so that only one strip is visible.
  4. Fold the top and bottom ends inwards once.
  5. Fold the two outer ends towards the middle again. You now have a small rectangle in front of you.
  6. In the penultimate step, fold the rectangle in the center.
  7. The rain cape for the bike is now small enough to be stored in the storage bag.

Read the complete blog post with step-by-step instructions and pictures here.

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Order an exciting color for more visibility in traffic.

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